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KMFA has been lucky to have a consistent pool of dedicated volunteer coaches over the last number of years, for both Flag and Tackle programs. They give their time very generously for the kids, so they can learn and love the game of football.

As the game grows within our community and players move through the ranks though, we are always in need of new volunteers to step up and learn to coach. A solid, growing, pool of coaches ensures we will have enough available for all the kids who want to play.

“A good coach can change a game, a great coach can change a life.”
John Wooden
Considering Becoming A Coach?

Football experience is great, but it’s not mandatory – just a willingness to learn and a passion to create a fun and memorable season for the kids, while developing athletic skills and good sportsmanship. We will support you with training clinics and resources to confidently take the field.

To get started, complete the “Coach Application” form and reach out to our Director of Coaches. Next, go to for resources and to get your NCCP coaching number:

  1. Coaching: The Basics
  2. Complete “Making Headway in Sport” – a free online training course (approx. 60-90 mins).
  3. Football Specific Coaching
Interested in coaching? Please select if you are new or returning.


New Coach Returning Coach
  • I will be reasonable when scheduling games and practices, remembering that young players have other interests and obligations.
  • I will teach my players to play fairly and to respect the rules, officials and opponents.
  • I will ensure that all players get equal instruction, support and playing time.
  • I will not ridicule or yell at my players for making mistakes or for performing poorly. I will remember that children play to have fun and must be encouraged to have confidence in themselves.
  • I will make sure that equipment and facilities are safe and match the athlete’s ages and abilities.
  • I will acknowledge all good plays/performances – those of my team and of my opponents.
  • I will remember that children need a coach they can respect. I will be generous with praise and set a good example.
  • I will obtain proper training and continue to upgrade my coaching skills

Questions about coaching?

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