Dear KMFA Members:

Thank you for your patience regarding Spring Flag registration refunds, we know you have been eagerly waiting for an update and we should begin to see refunds shortly. Esportsdesk has now confirmed that they have received authorization from the governing bodies regarding refunds for the membership fees paid (BCCFA/BCPFA/Football Canada). As our Spring Flag registration opened after February 1, refunds will be issued directly from Esportsdesk to the original method of payment for the registration. All refunds will be for the full amount paid, less 2.75% which is the payment processing fee Esportsdesk is charged by the credit card companies and which they do not receive back on the event of refunds.

If your child participated in Winter Flag 2020, you will not receive a refund on the membership/insurances fees paid for BCCFA, BCPFA, and Football Canada. Those memberships will remain effective for the year and in the event tackle season moves forward and your child is registered, you will not be charged those fees again.

Thank you again for your patience while Esportsdesk coordinated with the governing bodies. Moving forward, Esportsdesk is promising great changes to ensure a better registration process for the football community and we look forward to integrating these options for future program registrations.

Stay safe and healthy KMFA Family.