Dear KMFA family,

Many of you have been sitting waiting patiently for Kelowna Minor Football to make a decision on the Spring flag program. I personally asked President Thomas Burns if I could write this email in an attempt to somehow ease my sorrow that the spring flag program is coming to an end. It hasn’t helped to tell you the truth, and while they say we can learn a lot about life by looking at the past, this is no time to dwell. We must remain strong for each other, our families and our children. The future will be brighter so we must keep moving forward.

Sitting on the board of KMFA, being the president of SIFC, and sitting on the BCCFA board has given me quite the picture of football in BC. And the future of football definitely appears bright. Therefore, we must look forward to the fall, forward to next year’s winter indoor flag, and spring flag football programs. We must press on. We will do great things, and we will create Champions out of our players again, but for now I say sadly that Kelowna Minor Football is cancelling the spring flag program.

Many of you will have questions and Kelowna Minor Football will be meeting asap to ensure that every registrant will be reimbursed directly from esporstdesk all funds paid for spring flag including the fees paid to BCCFA, BCPFA and Football Canada. What won’t be reimbursed are any of the applicable credit card fees.

All this said, everybody stay strong, stay healthy, happy, and safe and we will see you all again real soon on the football field.
BCPFA Refund Policy for Spring Registrations

Dean Kennedy
Director of Flag Football